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I like to build impactful digital experiences that delight users and drive business outcomes

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From creating MySpace pages as a teenager to creating component libraries almost 20 years later, I've always had a fascination for what makes impactful and delightful digital experiences. What problems are we solving? What do users need? What's happening in the market? What feedback are people giving? What differentiates us?

But, even more than what, I'm always asking why. Like a Backstreet Boy, my favorite question to ask is why.

Why would a customer choose our product over others? Why are we choosing to develop this feature right now? Why did we meet/not meet our goals? Why is our product important to our overall business strategy? Tell me why...

My approach to leadership centers on asking 'why' to deeply understand problems and empathize with those affected. I excel at building and leading teams through insightful questioning, fostering shared understanding, reducing impediments, and coaching for value-driven work.

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Feedback from my colleagues and clients

David Conrad

Director of Online Services

[Emily] is passionate about discovering what a customer needs and making sure she delivers value while meeting their objectives.

Diane Walker

Head of Digital Experience

Really impressed at how quickly you have managed to pull together a step-through experience...very pleased with the rapid progress and overall user experience improvements made!

Evan Lindauer

Manager, Business Analysis

Emily takes service and initiative to a very high level... detailed and diligent... passionate...cares about her work and the people with whom she works...

Bryan Grubaugh

Director of Digital Development

[Emily] has been instrumental in bringing a sense of organization to an especially chaotic project. Given the opportunity I would jump at the chance to have [Emily] on my team again.

Lance Jernigan

Lead Frontend Developer

I was continuously impressed with the amount of focus and dedication [Emily] always brought to the team.

Robin Wilde

Cybersecurity Program Manager

Emily is that rare someone who is equally comfortable and proficient at leading a team or being a lead contributor/team member...

Anita Lajuett

Director of Master Data Management

[Emily’s] grit and determination [are] exceptional and timely.

Greg Edwards

Learning Management Specialist

[Emily] is technically knowledgeable, courteous, and always willing to think creatively to help solve problems.

Stacey Garrick

Technical Writer & Content Specialist

I can count on [Emily] to make sure all members of the product team are kept informed of user needs and project changes.

Jim Pilgrim

Full-Stack Developer

I’m impressed with [Emily’s] desire to learn new skills and her ability to communicate technical concepts to customers.

Kristi Bopp Harper

UX Leader

[Emily’s] communication skills are impeccable, and she understands how to cross-collaborate amongst colleagues in different regions effectively.